She smiles a seductive smile that says “yes” in the naughtiest of ways. Her eyes, two pools of lapis lazuli in full moonlight, magical enough to drown you in their secretive depths, drawing you in ever deeper. You stare into the face of this burning angel of lust, praying that she will take you utterly and savagely. When her fingertip does finally brush your neck you can sense yourself coming apart and fusing back together in its wake at the subatomic level. Fission fusion.



My trust tattered like a battle flag,
Every opportunity… you defile it.
No courage and no respect.
Day and night, lie after lie,
A glimpse of piss yellow color.
Childish and pompous you remain.
Inside, you’re a weak little bitch,
Onus settles round your nape.
Untrustworthy cowardly betrayer,
Still think that I’d forget?

Be well. Be genuine. Be yourself.

1. Doing It The Same Isn’t The Same As Doing It Right. Not everyone does things right. Not everything that is deemed to be right can’t be improved upon. Find your own way of doing things and maximize your efficiency.

2. No Reason To Be Different For The Sake Of Being Different. It’s not your goal to be different. It’s your goal to be you — if that happens to be different, then so be it. You are an individual.

3. Individuality Leads To Better Self-Understanding. Strip back all those layers that you’ve thrown on over the years in order to ‘fit-in’ and you’ll get a rare opportunity: to meet the individual that you really are.

4. Without Individuality There Is No Innovation. If everyone were to think and act the same then the world would always remain the same. It’s those individuals that dare to be themselves, that dare to do things differently — their way — that make a difference in the world that we live in.

5. Individuality Lets You Be You. Pretending to be someone you’re not is exhausting. Why spend all that energy holding up a façade when being yourself is more beneficial?

6. Individuality Will Allow You To Find You. Finding ourselves isn’t a simple task. It takes time and patience. It takes the courage to state what you like and what is most important to you, and to stick to it. You are unlike anyone else. It’s time that you exemplify that fact.

7. There’s No Better Way Of Getting To Know Who Your Real Friends Are. Accumulating ‘friends’ over the years that would be better off befriending someone else is common practice. If you can’t be yourself with your friends, then what sort of friends are they? Your friends should love you for you; maybe it’s time that you show them who you really are.

8. Surround Yourself With What You Love Most. Life is short. You are given a short period of time to make the most out of it. The goal is to make the most out of life while enjoying it as much as possible. We are egocentric creatures. Embrace that fact and surround yourself with what you love.

9. Bring Those With Similar Interests Into Your Life. Being yourself has the great benefit of attracting others with similar interests. You are a unique individual so don’t expect to find your long lost twin — but you will find individuals with similar interests. Such people make life worth living.

10. Expose The Posers. Nothing is more frightening to a poser than a real individual. Don’t hate someone for it — he or she doesn’t know better. Posers think that they need to mimic in order to fit in. You know better than that. Be yourself and others very well may follow suit.

11. Grow As An Individual. In order to grow as an individual, you must first become an individual. People grow in one direction or another. Unfortunately, it’s not always the direction that we should be growing in; it’s not always the direction aligned with who you are as a person.

12. Customize Your Life. Your life is like a blank canvas. You can customize it any way you please. Why waste time and energy producing a forgery?

13. Explore. Once you come to learn who you are, you can begin to explore yourself and the world around you from a different perspective. You will begin to see things differently, experience life in a way that only you can experience it. That’s the beauty of it all — one world, endless possibilities.

14. What’s Important To You Is What Matters. You are you and will always be you. Whether you are a copy or an original is up to you. You know what is important to you, so why pretend that you care about things that you don’t care about?

15. Find Commonality Through Individuality. The beauty of individuality is how it manages to bring people closer together. People are born understanding that they are unique, special and different. Over the years, we are taught to conform, to mimic and to give in.

If you can’t be yourself then why bother with it all? Find your individuality and you will begin to build relationships that actually matter.

A Criterion of Personal Genuineness

The need to be genuine, true to my self and what I am about as a person, to remain in synchronicity with the ‘me’ that my friends and family know from minute to minute and hour to hour, has always been of paramount importance to me. I never strove to be different for the sake of standing out, but I have always strived to remain true to my beliefs and my feelings, not different, the same as I have been for days and years.

First, you have to know yourself. This is no easy task for it involves not only acceptance of your good qualities, but also those things that may be taboo in the eyes of social mores. It is what Jung called ‘The Shadow’. Until we can accept ourselves for what we truly are, we cannot be true to ourselves. So, we must first come to a knowledge of who we are.

At that point, and usually after making some decisions to be a better person in spite of our Shadow’s predilections, we know ourselves and we are thereafter capable of being true to that nature. Being one’s self can be difficult for those who crave the acceptance of others, especially if those others are not and cannot be true to themselves.

These are would be trendsetters as fickle and flighty as a feather in a thunderstorm. Typically, they are marked by a self professed knowledge of everything which belies an ignorance of self as well as a large swath of everything outside of themselves. These spurious types tend to have egocentric views but unfortunately their insistence upon super-knowledge prohibits them from learning anything further, and this condition becomes perpetual due to the ego’s need to be continually viewed and accepted as one of the elite of their clique. Admitting their ignorance would be fatal to the tender and inflamed ego.

If one observes a spurious person, one will note how they and their stated views vary widely based on circumstance and audience. There is no truth in their nature because, like much of the world, it is all based on lies. The lies are necessary inventions for them as a means of staving off their fears and feeding their desires. They fear not being accepted, not being perceived as omniscient, or beautiful in appearance.

This page and the articles which will fill it is an exhortation to the genuine among the spurious. The diamonds among the coal. Every time I meet another, kindred spirit, I am thankful for not knowing everything and I begin to learn from them.

Be well. Be bold. Be yourself. Be genuine.

The criterion of personal genuineness and the crucible of our shared reality.