Dej√° Vu To A Kill

She works a hustle as old as sex,
Stroke my ego, then stroke me.
The con goes like a cursed hex,
Now mostly words. No action, see?
Promise of love hidden in hate,
Keep the money flowing on in.
Perhaps she’ll dress for a date,
That is, so long as she sins.
Her desires fulfilled, she holds out,
Maybe another has her other need.
She lies, cajoles, and offers a pout
Turning one to another with greed.
Not just con, but survival skill,
She plays them against the other.
No morals, sheerly her own will
Necessity and lust are the mother.



Panicked calls summoning help,
Separating we two once more.
Compassionate mind meditates,
Unwinding the fabric of space-time
Releasing truth and love like
Rushing rapids raging and roaring.
Eternity of light filling the void,
Now expanding into oneness,
Serene, timeless joy.

Destination : Unknown

Cerebral thunderstorm rages.
Odysseus tied to the mast,
Garbled Greek girls’ voices
Intone insane idyllic imagery
Tormenting all who hear,
Orpheus commits suicide.

Eris smiles and peels an apple.
Roving round rough ragged rocks
Greeks and gods gyre and grate
On Scylla and Charybdis shores.

Delphi’s dreaming druid declares
Only Odysseus will return to love.
Lies and deceit await the rest,
Each one of Ulysses’ champions
Owes Charon their coins.

Ecce Homeskillet

Blue jeans and paper thin t-shirts
Offer a glimpse into the mind.
Denim worn and faded like his
Half lived life and his scarred soul.
Idioms in indigo ink indelible,
Silk screened sayings and scenes
All reflect a soul that they conceal.
True, Compassionate, Free.
Vanguard of enlightenment,
Assisting those who seek the way.


She has to say something,
Yet she has nothing to say.
Building up love to tear it back down.
I can’t help but care for her even if I am
Lost among the other discards.

Her method involves madness,
Even to the point of her own insanity.
Art of War? : a confidence scam,
Rooking you (heart and soul),
Taking your pieces and peace piecemeal.
Beautiful lies tear you to shreds.
Ruins of her imaginings,
Eternally fearing abandonment;
All her hate comes to bear, yet,
Killing you would be too easy…
Existence without love out of fear.
Reminder that everyone leaves,

The criterion of personal genuineness and the crucible of our shared reality.