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Maiden of celestial skies,
Your soul dances with mine.
Longing for your sweet caress
On my waiting and wanting flesh.
Visceral yearning of love so deep
Even the wide seas have envy.

1’s and 0’s Composed on Android



A song in my heart loud as thunder
Moving soul upwards with elation.
An emotion, felt for the first time,
Neverending amazing joy.
Dream becomes ecstatic reality.
Adored equal of a grateful soul.
Joined by Fate, two become one
Opening wide, paradise’s gate.


She smiles a seductive smile that says “yes” in the naughtiest of ways. Her eyes, two pools of lapis lazuli in full moonlight, magical enough to drown you in their secretive depths, drawing you in ever deeper. You stare into the face of this burning angel of lust, praying that she will take you utterly and savagely. When her fingertip does finally brush your neck you can sense yourself coming apart and fusing back together in its wake at the subatomic level. Fission fusion.