A Criterion of Personal Genuineness

The need to be genuine, true to my self and what I am about as a person, to remain in synchronicity with the ‘me’ that my friends and family know from minute to minute and hour to hour, has always been of paramount importance to me. I never strove to be different for the sake of standing out, but I have always strived to remain true to my beliefs and my feelings, not different, the same as I have been for days and years.

First, you have to know yourself. This is no easy task for it involves not only acceptance of your good qualities, but also those things that may be taboo in the eyes of social mores. It is what Jung called ‘The Shadow’. Until we can accept ourselves for what we truly are, we cannot be true to ourselves. So, we must first come to a knowledge of who we are.

At that point, and usually after making some decisions to be a better person in spite of our Shadow’s predilections, we know ourselves and we are thereafter capable of being true to that nature. Being one’s self can be difficult for those who crave the acceptance of others, especially if those others are not and cannot be true to themselves.

These are would be trendsetters as fickle and flighty as a feather in a thunderstorm. Typically, they are marked by a self professed knowledge of everything which belies an ignorance of self as well as a large swath of everything outside of themselves. These spurious types tend to have egocentric views but unfortunately their insistence upon super-knowledge prohibits them from learning anything further, and this condition becomes perpetual due to the ego’s need to be continually viewed and accepted as one of the elite of their clique. Admitting their ignorance would be fatal to the tender and inflamed ego.

If one observes a spurious person, one will note how they and their stated views vary widely based on circumstance and audience. There is no truth in their nature because, like much of the world, it is all based on lies. The lies are necessary inventions for them as a means of staving off their fears and feeding their desires. They fear not being accepted, not being perceived as omniscient, or beautiful in appearance.

This page and the articles which will fill it is an exhortation to the genuine among the spurious. The diamonds among the coal. Every time I meet another, kindred spirit, I am thankful for not knowing everything and I begin to learn from them.

Be well. Be bold. Be yourself. Be genuine.


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